• v6.2.1 973c5b103c

    v6.2.1 Stable

    dcbot released this 2023-09-25 15:14:28 +00:00 | 21 commits to development since this release

    6.2.1 (2023-08-25)

    • approve, history and submit pages grouped in review module (e056ece)
    • handsontable v13 (6f482ec)
    • latest adapter (5e30dc0)
    • sasjs/cli and sasjs/core updated to the latest (8571e01)
    • updating editors/stagedata to address issues in particular viya configurations as described in issue #33 (94ab949)
    • updating logic for REPLACE loadtype (1f2ce55)

    Bug Fixes

    • approve, history and submit pages grouped in review module (e056ece)
    • updating logic for REPLACE loadtype (1f2ce55)

    For installation instructions, please visit https://docs.datacontroller.io/

  • v6.2.0 e4a0089102

    v6.2.0 Stable

    dcbot released this 2023-08-24 08:53:37 +00:00 | 42 commits to development since this release

    6.2.0 (2023-08-24)

    Bug Fixes

    • re-enabling full REPLACE uploads (08e39c4)


    • support for European numeric formats (e48e47b)
  • v6.1.0 bba2a6cc9d

    v6.1.0 Stable

    dcbot released this 2023-07-25 15:14:52 +00:00 | 69 commits to development since this release

    6.1.0 (2023-07-25)

    Blog post with more detail on this release: https://datacontroller.io/v6-1-source-available/

    Bug Fixes

    • missing mf_existds dependency in bitemporal_dataloader (5ce1701)
    • reducing audit data volumes. Closes #4 (54fe701)
    • release script, excel upload duplicate primary keys, cypress fix (2f79487)


  • v6.0.0 f268de21a3

    mihajlo released this 2023-07-13 11:44:05 +00:00 | 95 commits to main since this release

    Blog post with more detail on this release: https://datacontroller.io/v6-0-api-explorer/


    • The updated model and behaviour of FORMATS is the breaking change in this release!


    • adding isadmin attribute to startupservice. Relates to [#460]
    • new admin page
    • autocomplete (load more)
    • custom dropdown load more
    • handsontable 12.4.0
    • history paging (load more)
    • licence in a file
    • licensing refactor - free tier version
    • new licence service with encoded features
    • showing PK in VIEW menu for format catalogs
    • support for INFORMATS - also multilabel and notsorted formats
    • New viya api explorer

    Bug Fixes

    • added component to add link to support email
    • added copy without headers
    • adding lock check on mpe_audit before dataload
    • adding nobs to gethistory
    • angular bump 15.2.9
    • angular-eslint bump 15.2.1
    • approve: bumping core to prevent unlocks when tables are not locked (issue [#339])
    • approve: When uploading ONLY deletes, ensure that records are added to the mpe_audit table
    • backend for getcolvals extra rows
    • bitemporal load support in audit table
    • bump typescript 4.9.5
    • d3 graphviz updated to fix vulnerabilities
    • default hot licence, editor rows limit notice on the bottom, showed only when more then limit submitted
    • display special missings in VIEW mode
    • enabling configurable history at backend in approvers/gethistory. Addresses [#257], closes [#477]
    • enabling refresh of single library when invalid libraries are present
    • filter on download in history removed, rows and cols number on viewer and editor
    • firefox dropdown not sticking, load more is note present if nothing to load
    • index html inline style, sas9 metadata type
    • inserting row above/below was scrolling to the bottom
    • licence expiration blocks the app (it is now reverted to free tier version)
    • licence expired blocking app (in progress)
    • licence expired error, added expiry date
    • load more in history to appear only when paging available
    • making HIST configurable with MPE_CONFIG
    • missing licence should not show error
    • new cypress config, added cypress reporter in results after test run
    • removed ngx-markdown
    • removed ngx-markdown, added marked package, used raw
    • submit table request error handling
    • submitted page linking
    • submitted_dttm type fix and distinct for non admin gethistory
    • supporting additional date formats. Closes [#484]
    • typo in DDL for MPE_SUBMIT
    • unlocking audit table
    • upcase issue
    • update to angular v15
    • updated @angular-eslint
    • users allowed with demo key
    • viewer rows limit notice position
    • viya profile picture url was broken when client at different domain