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Data Controller


Workflow guidelines

Wiki Page

Dependencies that requires licences

SheetJS Pro Version

To auth for SheetJS Pro version you need to use their private registry Add client/.npmrc file with following content:



Licence should be inserted in the client/src/index.html file:



Update client/src/index.html so that it points to your SAS9, SASVIYA or SASJS backend.
Be aware that VIYA can be configured in such way that it would not work with cross origin frontend.
Follow this guide to disable CORS: https://sasjs.io/cors/ (NOTICE: Sometimes even this approach would fail to work, in such case it is imposible to set it up without reconfiguring the VIYA server)

Start dev server:

cd client

npm start

GUI Elements

For documentation on the Clarity Design System, including a list of components and example usage, see our website.

Code style

Run prettier fix:

npm run lint:fix

Generate docs

Typedoc is used for generating typescript documentation based on the code. That part is automated and beign done as a part of CI job.


Release is automated as a part of CI job. Workflow file: .gitea/workflows/release.yaml.
It will run automatically when branch merged to the main branch.
If release job fails, after it has been created empty release and a tag, we must not re-run the relase job until we removed the newly create GIT TAG and RELEASE.
To remove the git tag run:

git push -d origin vX.X.X

To remove the release, you need to do it with repo administration over at https://git.datacontroller.io/dc/dc


Makedata service "could not create directory" error

The dcpath folder should have its permissions set so that the system account (SYSUSERID) can both read and write to it.


If dcpath is: '/tmp/dc'


chmod 777 /tmp/dc