chore(ci): build and ng test fix
Test / Build-production-and-ng-test (push) Successful in 7m30s Details
Test / Build-and-test-development (push) Failing after 14m29s Details
Test / Build-and-test-development-latest-adapter (push) Failing after 14m45s Details
Build / Build-and-ng-test (pull_request) Successful in 1m25s Details

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Mihajlo Medjedovic 2023-10-12 08:33:31 +02:00
parent 112b1d0da4
commit 0c8a9eef32
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@ -47,10 +47,12 @@ jobs:
- name: Angular Tests
run: |
cd client
npm test -- --no-watch --no-progress --browsers=ChromeHeadlessCI
- name: Angular Production Build
run: |
cd client
npm run postinstall
npm run build