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@ -40,7 +40,17 @@ Deploy as follows:
1. Download the `` file from: [](
2. Unzip and place in the [htdocs folder of your SAS Web Server]( - typically `!SASCONFIG/LevX/Web/WebServer/htdocs`.
3. Open the `index.html` file and update the values for `appLoc` (per SAS code above) and `serverType` (to `SAS9`).
3. Open the `index.html` file and update the values as follows:
* `appLoc` - same as per SAS code in the section above
* `serverType` - should be `SAS9`
* `serverUrl` - Provide only if your SAS Mid Tier is on a different domain than the web server (protocol://SASMIDTIERSERVER:port)
* `loginMechanism` - set to `Redirected` if using SSO or 2FA
* `debug` - set to `true` to debug issues on startup (otherwise it's faster to leave it off and turn on in the application itself when needed)
The remaining properties are not relevant for a SAS 9 deployment.
You can now open the app at `https://YOURWEBSERVER/unzippedfoldername` and follow the configuration steps (DC Physical Location and Admin Group) to complete deployment.

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