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Data Controller for SAS

Control your manual data modifications!

Alternatives to Data Controller include:

  • 💾 Developing / testing / deploying / scheduling overnight batch jobs to load files from shared drives
  • 🔒 Opening (and locking) datasets in Enterprise Guide or SAS® Table Viewer to perform direct updates
  • Asking a #DBA to run validated code after a change management process
  • 🌐 Building & maintaining your own custom web application
  • 🏃 Running #SAS or #SQL updates in production

Problems with the above include:

  • Legacy 'black box' solutions with little to no testing, documentation or support
  • End users requiring direct write access to critical data sources in production
  • Upload routines that must be manually modified when the data model changes
  • Breaches due to unnecessary parties having access to the data
  • Inability to trace who made a change, when, and why
  • Reliance on key individuals to perform updates
  • Building bespoke ETL for every new data source
  • High risk of manual error / data corruption

Data Controller for SAS® solves all these issues in a simple-to-install, user-friendly, secure, documented, battle-tested web application. Available on Viya, SAS 9 EBI, and SASjs Server.

For more information: